Good Always:
Combating the 3
Main Causes of Poverty

Light-It-Forward Foundation is the non-profit extension of GOOD ALWAYS™.

Together, we focus on ending extreme poverty by simultaneously eliminating the 3 main causes of poverty in a given geographic area. We are currently focused on Guatemala.

The 3 Main Causes of Extreme Poverty

1. Lack of Basic Human Needs i.e. Clean Water, Food and Shelter.

2. Lack of Income i.e. Jobs, Employment and even Barter.

3. Lack of Education i.e. Primary, Secondary and Technical and University.

35 Years of Experience Helping Impoverished People

Over the last 35+ years of working with, and living among impoverished people, we have come to realize there are three main areas of needs. When these needs are not properly addressed, they create and perpetuate extreme poverty. Furthermore, we have come to understand when these three areas of need are not simultaneously conquered, any efforts to end the systemic cycle of extreme poverty are futile at best. The Objective Must Be A Sustainable Change. The only way to create Sustainability is Partnering with and Empowering those living in extreme poverty.

100% of GOOD AWAYS™ profits are used in Humanitarian, Jobs Creation and Education Efforts in Guatemala and other locations around the world.


How You Can Help

Good Always provides a platform for individuals like you to find and purchase products that are guaranteed to make a difference in the lives of others by combating the three areas of poverty.

There are two real heros in this effort. First are the talented people who create the quality products, the second are people like you who purchase their products. We build bridges by connecting people with hard work ethics and talent, to individuals like you who have compassion.

When you purchase Good Always products you are empowering those who live in poverty to rise up and make a difference in the world.

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