Learn How Good Always Changes Lives

Education Progress

We have contributed over $250,000 dollars – as well as thousands of hours on the ground helping to improve the quality and scope of Guatemalan Education for those living in Extreme Poverty.

The majority of the money has gone to education scholarships. The remainder has been used in curriculum development and classroom construction. In the latest national testing evaluation in Guatemala, our students ranked in the top 6% in the nation. They are competing against, and out scoring, students attending schools charging $5,000 to $10,000 a year for their education. Our students' cost is $395 a year.

Jobs Creation Progress

We work exclusively with the people who actually make the products; often meeting in their homes which are frequently located in remote villages.

Benefits include:

  • - Directly improving the lives of 500+ people and improving the lives of 1000’s more; through increased trade and more consistent income earning opportunities.
  • - Children attending schools in their own villages.
  • - Better family nutrition and improved living conditions.

Dozens of Artisans

1000's of customers like you who have made a difference.

We currently have 100's of talented artists, suppliers, logistics,
marketing, IT, sales and support personnel
and their families, moving forward working together, in unity for a brighter day.