1) Lack of Basic Human Needs: Food, Water, Shelter.

2) Lack of Income i.e. Jobs, Employment and even Barter.

3) Lack of Education i.e. Primary, Secondary and Technical and University.


Foundation Focus:

  1. Original source all products.
  2. Pay Guatemalan market value for products.
  3. Export products to the U.S.
  4. Return 100% of the profits to Guatemala for Education and Humanitarian Purposes.
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Stones of light

Stones Of Light Focus:

We provide children living in rural areas of Guatemala who would never have the opportunity otherwise to receive an education through a smartphone. This is done with the Edufuturo program through the Zunan platform. With nearly 80,000 pieces of education material, this program is state of the art.

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The Good Always Values

Our values inform how we go about accomplishing our mission to
"Turn darkness into Light with Love."™

Build Community

At Good Always we bring people together to build a community of friends who believe love is the answer. As we foster trust, equality increases. As equality strengthens, those in the margins find justice as they are lifted from extreme poverty.

Empower With Education

Knowledge is light. We believe knowledge is crucial to disperse the darkness of extreme poverty. We believe minds are illuminated and hearts are expanded as children receive an education that brightens their future.

Create Sustainability

Our logo displays the infinity symbol merged with the word GOOD. Our efforts must be sustainable to truly transform lives for GOOD. Sustainable means we are wise with our resources and invest in projects that will last for generations to come. We help families become sustainable through education and job creation to steadily provide for themselves.

Holistic Healing

The great healer is love. Through our efforts we seek to help individuals and families heal physically, mentaly, emotionally, and spiritually.