About Good Always™

We are an inclusion organization that is turning darkness into light with love. We work with two groups of people. The first are those who are living in life's margins in extreme poverty; who are merely looking for a Hand Up - NOT a Handout.

The second are those who are offering a Hand Up. They are people like you who are having a tremendous impact on the lives of 100's of people who had been living in the margins of extreme poverty.

We build bridges. We simply connect people with resources and compassion - to people with desires and strong work ethics.

The real heroes in these stories are the socially conscious people - like you, who are buying their quality products. You are the difference makers in thousands of people's lives.

We are simply the people in the middle. 100% of our profits are donated to sustainable humanitarian, employment producing, and educational efforts. We make sure the money you spend on Good Always™ and Light-It-Forward products™, goes to the people who need it the most. Motivated people, who are looking for a Hand Up in life. 

our Stories

We have remarkable stories about beautiful people who make astonishing hand-made products. As a result, they are making a better world for their themselves, their families, extended families, neighbors, friends, and entire communities... 


Rafa is a living example of the thousands of hard-working and talented people there are who simply want an opportunity to shine. All he needed was a Hand UP in life. Tap on his photo to read his story. View his products by clicking here.