Nixon Lima – The First GOOD ALWAYS Difference Maker in Guatemala!

It was a warm, humid day as Adriane Kim and I pulled into Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, September of 2008. We didn't know anyone in the entire state of Alta Verapaz.  As we were driving through town we passed directly in front of the municipality building and decided it might be a good place to learn more about the area. As we entered the building it was pretty much abandoned, because it was “Siesta Time”. So, and thought since we were there, we mite as well wander through the building. Eventually we went up a stone staircase to the second level and found ourselves on a balcony with a beautiful view of the entire plaza and a good portion of the town as well.

Chisec View Municipality Building

As we were gazing over the town and pondering what our next step should be; we heard a voice of a man, from behind us, asking in English, “Are you lost?”

(We later found out he was one of only 2 people who could speak English within 30 miles of where we were.)

As I looked back over my shoulder, I saw a young man and I answered, “We’re not quite sure just how lost we are.”

The young man said, ”My name is Nixon. How can I help you?”

We talked for 10 minutes or so in English and Spanish, explaining what we wanted to do and how we were looking for a place where we could help children obtain a good education in Guatemala.

Nixon said, “Come back at 3:00. I want to introduce you to someone who will be able to help you with your project.” (What happened when we came back to the municipality building at 3:00 pm that day is a story for a future blog.)

This was our introduction to Nixon. Since or first encounter with him we have had hundreds of heartfelt conversations concerning the needs of his people. We have considered dozens of projects that could be implemented and countless efforts that have failed to deliver sustainable changes in Guatemala.

As a result of these conversations with Nixon, and the many new friends we now have in Guatemala, the U.S. and several other countries, the GOOD ALWAYS movement was born.

Needless to say, one of the most important meetings we have ever had in Guatemala was with Nixon, that day in September of 2008. The path was set, and an amazing odyssey had begun.

Nixon and His Family

Nixon and his family have been a God send. He was the first person we ever talked to about our desires to work with and be among the extraordinary Mayan people in Guatemala. We were instant friends. It was as if we had found a missing part of our family.

The only problem we have with Nixon is, he has so many varied talents and accomplishments it is difficult to know where to start talking about him or how to properly introduce you to him.

Nixon is (a):  

Nixon and Ana

Husband to his beautiful and talented wife Ana. Father of three incredible children. Photographer Extraordinaire! Videographer and Cinematographer! Film Editor! Computer Graphics Designer. Publicist. Events Coordinator. Social Networking Facilitator. Everyone’s best friend. The man to know when you need something done. Fluent in Q'eqchi and Spanish and has wonderful fluency in English as well.Great Translator. Public Information Relations Officer. Loyal to his convictions and to his friends. Hardworking friend and initial believer in the GOOD ALWAYS movement in Guatemala. Extremely trustworthy. Soft-spoken man who has a big heart and a passion for improving the lives of not only his people, but all people who are suffering. He is our friend.

Nixon In Action

Today, Nixon oversees the GOOD ALWAYS movement in Guatemala. He does everything from the list above and much, much more. We are so grateful to have Nixon, Ana and their family as a vital part of the GOOD ALWAYS FAMILY!

As you explore the GOOD ALWAYS website and become acquainted with our artisans and their products, you have now met one of the key people who has helped set in motion the GOOD ALWAYS movement. He has done this with much personal sacrifice and a sincere love for all people he comes in contact with.

When you buy products on the GOOD ALWAYS website you are making an enormous difference in the lives of people who are simply looking for a Hand Up in life.

100% of the profits from GOOD ALWAYS go to improving the plight of Humanity. This is done by investing in Humanitarian, Job Creation and Education Efforts in Guatemala and other extremely impoverished locations in the world.

Nixon is bridging the gap across the many miles that exist between wherever you are and where he lives. He does this so you too can be the difference maker in the lives of people who are simply looking for a Hand Up in life.

Nixon Is The Difference Maker and so are YOU!

Posted By Scott Hosking

Additional photos from the municipality building in Chisec of Adriane and me with Selvyn Ottoniel Reyes Rivera - the current Mayor of Chisec. Another photo of Chisec. And Nixon and me at the municipality building.

Adriane and me with the Alcalde 


Nixon and Me