Guatemalan Humanitarian Relief Efforts.


These relief efforts were organized and carried out by a team of Guatemalan volunteers that were under the direction of Nixon Lima – in Country Director of Good Always.

Three hurricanes hit the area in a matter of 24 days.

Through the grace of God Nixon and his team of volunteers were able to help  feed 2,100 people for an average of 14 days.

2,100 people X 14 days = 29,400 meals

They also help to make new roads into the area as many of the previous roads had been washed away.

Over a five-month period, during the height of the Covid Pandemic, Nixon and his team averaged feeding 225 people a day in various remote villages scattered throughout the region.

225 people X 150 days = 33,750 meals

Total meals served  29,400 + 33,750 = 63,150 

We raised $16,400 in the U.S. And we had $8,960 donated in products at wholesale pricing rates from local business owners and food distribution companies in Guatemala.

16,400 + 8,860 = $25,260

An average meal consisted of Tortillas, Beans, Rice, Salsas, Fruit, Clean Water, and a small treat for the children. Average cost per meal $0.40

Today, Nixon and his team are currently serving 75 meals a day.

Through the grace of God and the support of family and
friends in the U.S. and Guatemala, miracles are
On behalf of Gods children ranging in age from newborn
to 98 years old – Thank you for your kindness and

God Bless You.

Special thanks to The Church of the Nazarene in Chisec
for letting Nixon use their truck to make his deliveries.