GOOD ALWAYS – Is Taking On The 3 Main Causes Of Extreme Poverty.

Because of people like you, there is hope and opportunities for people living in the far reaches life’s margins. Thank you for your continued trust and support.

Matthew West's song, Do Something -  is a GOOD reminder of who the true Difference Makers are in this life.  

Rick Perry once said "He who knows the number of drops in the ocean, He who counts the sands of the desert, He knows your name. He does not require perfect people to execute his perfect plan. God uses broken people to reach a broken world. And for that reason, our mistakes of yesterday say nothing about the possibilities of tomorrow." 

By clearly defining problems, we are able to develop and implement life changing solutions for people who are simply looking for a Hand Up in life.

For more than 35+ years we have been working and living with those who reside in the margins of life on the Yucatan of Mexico, in Guatemala and Central America's Northern Triangle. During this time our life's experiences have taught us there are 3 main forces simultaneously working in unison to fuel the devastation and hopelessness of those living at the far end of life’s margins.

Let’s examine and define exactly what those 3 devastatingly, destructive forces are.

You know the definition of insanity, right? – Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time you do it. Consider the 3 main causes of poverty listed below and see if they sound like insanity to you.

The First - Lack of Basic Human Needs – Food, Water and Shelter! This lowers the human condition and devastates self-worth. No Basic Human Needs, No Dignity - No Dignity, No Hope - No Hope, No Opportunity - No Opportunity, No Change - No Change - No Basic Human Needs!  And so, the Cycle Continues ...Over and over and over again... To me this kind of sounds like a real-life definition of insanity. 

The Second - Lack of Income! Jobs and Employment – Even a Barter System!  This lowers the human condition and devastates self-worth. No Income and Employment, No Dignity - No Dignity, No Hope - No Hope, No Opportunity - No Opportunity, No Change - No Change - No Income and Employment!  And so, the Cycle Continues ...Over and over and over again.  It's like being in an inhumane hamsters' cage - running on a wheel – forever going nowhere fast! Sounds like insanity to me. What do you think?

The Third - Lack of Education. Primaria, Secundario, Basico, College and University.  Working and living in an area with more than 2/3rds of the population existing below the international poverty line, in extreme poverty; It is exceedingly difficult, if not impossible for children to attend school. This is especially true for indigenous children. How do they afford the costly uniforms, books, supplies transportation and most importantly the tuition to attend a real school and obtain a real education? None of these are supplied by the government. This lowers the human condition and devastates self-worth. No Education, No Dignity - No Dignity, No Hope - No Hope, No Opportunity - No Opportunity, No Change - No Change - No Education!  And so, the cycle just keeps perpetuating ...on and on and on... Over and over again!  Insanity???

You can see why it is necessary, in any given environment, for all 3 main facets of extreme poverty to be addressed simultaneously? This is why we at GOOD ALWAYS have fashioned a new, innovative effort to ending the cycle of extreme poverty. 

There are 3 apparent questions:

  1. Can there be a circle of inclusion drawn big enough to encompass all 3 areas of essential human needs? YES!
  1. Can this be done in a third world environment? YES! There are numerous obstacles. However, it can be done.
  1. Is there a single tool, process or organization attacking all 3 three areas in unison? YES!

To explain what I am talking about let's consider the Triangle - Circle - Square paradox.


TCS 10

So, what is the tool that has been fashioned and developed to simultaneously conquer in all three main causes extreme poverty? –

The tool is GOOD ALWAYS! We are grateful for all the many people who are standing united with GOOD ALWAYS. Together we are eliminating the lack of Basic Human Needs, Income and Education in extremely impoverished areas of the world. This diverse group of talented and compassionate GOOD ALWAYS people are making a real difference in the world.

We have developed methods of changing the status quo and while creating sustainable results in the lives of the voiceless, the down trodden and those whose lives have been marginalized.

And as always the people, like you, who are buying and proudly wearing GOOD ALWAYS GEAR are the true Difference Makers.

Thank You for all you are doing to make the world a better place for all Humanity.

By Scott Hosking